Success Stories

New AIR freight quotation function. Highly recommended by customer
TAI LEE HONG (Shipper)

1. Introduction of TAI LEE HONG

TAI LEE HONG specializes in foods and condiments business. The company has been established in Hong Kong for more than 40 years. It produces a variety of condiments under their in-house brand name “真滋味”. In addition to sales in Hong Kong, it also exports to Southeast Asia, Canada, UK and Japan, etc.

2. Challenges in logistics arrangement
  • Shipments of food products need to be fast. Usually a number of procedures are involved and decisions have to be made within a short period of time. As our existing logistics service provider does not offer service for our new route, we have to look for a new service provider. The traditional way of finding new service providers is very time consuming - from calling, getting to the person in charge, shipment details briefing, and waiting for a quote. As a result, work efficiency and business development has been affected.
  • Food items must be shipped within a specific temperature range during transportation and storage, and because of some specific destinations, it is always not that easy to find service providers.

3. Why VSHIP ?
  • Recently we have a frozen food shipment that needs to be shipped to Japan by air. We need to find an appropriate forwarder within a short period of time. We searched for forwarding information on search engine and found VSHIP. We registered an account and found that the platform is innovative and easy to use.
  • VSHIP provides an opportunity for us to reach more service providers, moreover it is free to shippers.

4. Outcome
  • The VSHIP platform has a large number of service providers and we were connected to a new forwarder and confirmed the air shipment within 2 days. The shipping process was very smooth. We are happy with this cooperation.
  • The offer received at VSHIP is very reasonable and competitive compared to our previous service provider.

    “Food product shipments arrangement needs to compete with time, otherwise quality of the food products might be affected or even got spoiled. I am very happy to be one of the first customers of VSHIP’s new air freight quotation function. VSHIP is a superb logistics platform supporting simple RFQ process and fast quotation. Both features perfectly match the pace of our company.” The Spokesperson said.
  • We also use ocean transport to other countries. VSHIP provides a one-stop platform that enable us to manage both ocean and air shipments with ease. We definitely will continue to support and use it.