Success Stories

A neutral platform that maximizes win-win impact
Ming Hua Logistics Trading Ltd (Service Provider)

1. Introduction of Ming Hua Logistics Trading.

Ming Hua Logistics Trading Co Ltd is a integrated logistics service company providing ocean freight, air freight, customs clearance, and storage services. China route is their specialty route.

2. Challenges in logistics business
  • Keen competition on price and service quality in the industry.
  • We used to contact customers by phone and often work outside. It is difficult to take time to explore new business.
  • With numerous emails and documents, filing and managing each shipment is getting more difficult.

3. Why VSHIP ?
  • New channel is needed to expand business. Aware VSHIP through Tradelink. The registration process is simple and hence start to use without hesitation.
  • Quick and clear quotation, easy to operate.

4. Outcome
  • Price and service quality have always been the main considerations for all of us in the shipping industry. As a neutral platform, VSHIP brings together suppliers with different specialties and shippers with different demands. VSHIP make it easier for them to find a matching partner that meets their respective expectations.

    “While market competition is mainly on price and service, we strike a balance between them and accordingly position ourselves in the market. With VSHIP as a neutral platform, it is easier to connect customers who are best fit to us and achieve win-win situation.” Spokesperson of Ming Hua Logistics said.
  • With the simple VSHIP quotation form, we can easily and clearly list out the charge details. We are happy that within a short period of time, we have successfully acquired new customers.
  • In the past, those tedious documentation and filing work affected greatly our efficiency. Now with VSHIP, we can easily check all our quotation records and customer information as they are systemically stored in VSHIP.
  • We have been using VSHIP since it was launched. There are always new RFQs each day awaiting quotation. We will surely continue to use VSHIP.