Success Stories

“Automated Email Notification” feature - Precise matching & quick connection to new customers


FOND EXPRESS WORLDWIDE is a Hong Kong based logistics company with over 20 years’ experience in providing one-stop logistics service and specializing in US routes.

2. Challenges in logistics arrangement
  • The market is highly competitive as the volume of HK's export shipments has dropped, yet many new entrants have entered the market in recent years.
  • Gross margin squeezed as a result of intense competition. Tighter resources make staffing and work arrangement more difficult. In the past, we usually relied on agents to introduce new customers to us and the process took rather long time.

3. Why VSHIP ?
  • The company is a long-term customer of Tradelink. Introduced by Tradelink salesperson and believe that this innovative platform will help company’s business development.
  • VSHIP interface is neat and clear. Its user friendly design allows us to prepare quotations easily and efficiently.
  • Breaking through tradition, VSHIP provides an unprecedented way for us to reach new customers.

4. Outcome
  • We successfully connected with new shippers on VSHIP, their shipments are also very compatible with company's specialty route. VSHIP helps shippers and service suppliers achieve a win-win situation.
  • In order to provide high quality services, the company implements flexible working hours to take care of shipper' needs and their shipments. VSHIP online platform has no time boundary, and we can handle quotes 24/7.
  • VSHIP's “Automated Email Notification” feature is very useful, we can choose to receive RFQ notifications for shipments in specific routes.
  • The company used to have a dedicated colleague looking after new business. VSHIP has saved him a lot of time. He can now assist in dealing with other tasks of the company and improve the operational efficiency.

    “We have been using VSHIP for some months, there are many active shippers with CIF and CNF shipments on the platform. VSHIP’s “Automated Email Notification” feature allows us to choose to receive emails in relation to those RFQs that match our specialty routes. Compared to traditional ways, VHSIP offers a much more effective and targeted way to help us get new business." The person in charge of FOND EXPRESS said.
  • Our staff surfs RFQs on VSHIP every day, and actively participates by submitting offers to capture business opportunities. Surly we will continue to do so.