Success Stories

Professional customer service simplify the chemical goods quotation process

“It takes more manpower and time to communicate with provider for chemical goods shipment. VSHIP professional customer service staff understand our company's needs and technical shipping requirements. They actively communicate with provider to make the quotation clearer and more transparent. It enable us to quickly connect new partners.”

Save 30% on freight charge! The best choice for SMEs
Impress Creation Ltd. (Shipper)

“We won’t expect we could receive that many offers so quickly for our small shipment. What's amazing is that the offers are very competitive. We can save 30% of freight charge compared to what we paid in the past! VSHIP is the best choice for SMEs with small shipments and requiring higher flexibility"

Digitalize traditional freight quotation, keep abreast of the latest quotation status anytime & anywhere
Premium Square Limited. (Shipper)

“Digitalization is the trend for most products and services. I like to try new things. And I am glad to see the launch of an online Bid and Offer platform. Now I can easily handle our logistics arrangement on VSHIP with my tablet anytime, anywhere.”

Speedy quotation greatly improves operation efficiency
FourEverGreen Ltd. (Shipper)

“Getting quotes for shipment of agricultural products usually needs more time. Efficiency is very important to our company. Our experience of the RFQ process on VSHIP is very smooth! It is easy to operate and we received speedy quotation from a forwarder who thoroughly understands the shipping requirements of our products. Everything fits perfectly our company needs.”

A simple action to save more than 20% of our freight charge
J Company (Shipper)

“The hidden miscellaneous charges often make the quotation not comprehensive enough. Using VSHIP, quotes received are clear and transparent. Thanks to VSHIP, we can save more than 20% of our freight charge for this shipment.”

A right balance of technology and human touch

“The digitalized VSHIP platform can greatly save the company's human resources. During the quotation process, some details inevitably need to be further clarified and updated. We are extremely impressed by the VSHIP customer service team who takes the initiative to provide professional advice and assistance to help address our needs.”

“Automated Email Notification” feature - Precise matching & quick connection to new customers

“We have been using VSHIP for some months, there are many active shippers with CIF and CNF shipments on the platform. VSHIP’s “Automated Email Notification” feature allows us to choose to receive emails in relation to those RFQs that match our specialty routes. Compared to traditional ways, VHSIP offers a much more effective and targeted way to help us get new business."

Enhance company visibility and connect new business opportunities effectively
Wangfoong Transportation Ltd (Service Provider)

“We used to pay for online advertising, but the results are not that obvious. At VSHIP, each offer made is an effective and targeted opportunity to promote our company.”

A neutral platform that maximizes win-win impact
Ming Hua Logistics Trading Ltd (Service Provider)

“While market competition is mainly on price and service, we strike a balance between them and accordingly position ourselves in the market. With the VSHIP neutral platform, it is easier to connect customers who are best fit to us and achieve win-win situation.”

Connecting new opportunities from keen competition
Maguchi International (HK) Ltd (Service Provider)

“Those previous tedious back and forth communications with shippers is no longer necessary as now the transaction can easily be completed online through VSHIP. We can successfully acquire new customers.

There has been a lack of effective channels to promote our company in the past. Now with VSHIP, we can enhance easily our visibility.”