Bid & Offer Freight Quotation

Shippers (including forwarders) can request instant quotation for their shipments from various services providers (carriers and forwarders) using a bid & offer mechanism. This ensures efficient and competitive offers are obtained through our platform. Shippers can also proceed with direct freight bookings. All the electronic documents and information flow from booking until release of cargo are executed on the platform. Service providers (carriers and forwarders) can reach out to more customers and get qualified order and payment in a cost-effective way. By connecting shippers and services providers, VSHIP creates benefits for both user communities.

Automated Shipment Management

VSHIP's Automated Shipment Management provides end-to-end solutions supporting all key processes for shipment processing and management. Our service allows transmission of booking requests in EDI, Excel or Pdf format to service providers and receipt of the latest shipment status information. We also support the reuse of booking / shipment data for trade declaration and other business documents. The service facilitates management of documents securely in the cloud with unlimited storage; allows creation, searching and processing of documents anytime and anywhere; thereby enhancing operation efficiency and reducing cost.

Value-added services

Import & Export Trade Declarations Services

In compliance of the regulatory requirements in Hong Kong, shippers can use Tradelink’s Import & Export Trade Declarations service to conveniently lodge electronic trade declarations to the Customs and Excise Department and pay the required declaration charges. Riding on its quality technical and operation infrastructure and specifically with its data inheritance function, Tradelink’s Trade Declaration Service helps shippers to lodge trade declarations with enhanced efficiency and accuracy.

Insurance-link Service

Insurance-link Service provides a convenient and cost-effective means for shippers to acquire cargo insurance instantly. Using this one-stop solution, customers can complete the whole process from obtaining quotation, settling payment and receiving cover note within minutes through several simple online steps.