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Asia-Europe rates up US$27 to $1,082/TEU, USWC increase $53 at $3,867/FEU


SPOT rates for shipping containers from Asia to northern Europe in the week ending last Friday edged up US$27 to $1,082 per TEU, 69 per cent higher than in the same week of 2019.

Asia-Mediterranean rates rose $73 to $1,188 per TEU, a 49 per cent uplift on a year ago, according to the Shanghai Containerised Freight Index (SCFI).

Rates from Shanghai to US west coast put on another $53 dollars to a record $3,867 per FEU, a staggering 189 per cent above the same week of last year.

Meanwhile, China-US east coast increased a further $100 to $4,634 per FEU, double the rate of a year ago, reports UK's The Loadstar.

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