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Logistics brands are named top customer experience performers in Hong Kong


HONG Kong-based consumers have named logistics brands as top performers for customer experience excellence (CEE), according to an online KPMG survey of 2,000 consumers.

The survey asked the participants to evaluate 94 local and international brands, with companies rated on KPMG's six pillars of customer excellence: personalisation, integrity, expectations, resolution, time and effort, and empathy.

The analysis shows that 'personalisation' and 'expectations' were leading drivers of brand loyalty in Hong Kong, while 'expectations' and 'integrity' were the most important for driving brand advocacy in Hong Kong.

Logistics (score: 7.08/10) achieved the highest scores on personalisation, time and effort and resolution. Personalisation and integrity are found to be the biggest drivers of loyalty for logistics brands, while the study shows that delivery on expectations is key for brands looking to grow their customer base, especially among generation Z consumers.

With increasing competition, integrated partnerships between logistics companies and retailers where data is shared are integral to better deliver on customer experience. Brands also need to harness data with actionable insights to deliver on Integrity and reassure customers on successful delivery.

KPMG China head of customer and operations Isabel Zisselsberger said: "While the financial services industry has made considerable effort to deliver better customer experience, customer expectations are constantly evolving as new digital initiatives and capabilities such as the Faster Payments System and Fast Track Insurtech initiative continue to raise the bar and challenge the sector.

"At the same time, while digital services are now seen as a norm, consumers also still value in-person interactions. The industry needs to catch up quickly and work to improve customer experience at every interaction, be it online or offline."

KPMG China head of consumer & industrial markets Alice Yip added: "Generation Z consumers, a key market segment for many logistics and retail brands, clearly view personalisation as a key driver of their loyalty to these brands. Understanding what motivates, inspires and influences customers is thus paramount for companies in these sectors.

"They should make it a top priority to invest in digital capabilities to analyse data and customer insights, and link these insights to customer journeys and individual touch points to solve existing pain points and deliver experiences that differentiate them from their peers."

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