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VSHIP introduces new function – AIR Freight Module

VSHIP introduces new AIR freight module extending its function to include bid and offer for air freight to meet customers' needs. Both sea and air freight quotation and booking can now be easily made on the same platform. The interface design of air freight Request for Quote (RFQ) / Offer is as simple as that of the sea freight.

The new Air freight module helps customers to flexibly manage their shipment through sea or air freights. Shippers can have more choices for their shipments. Moreover, the new function can attract more new shippers to use VSHIP, which in turn leads to more business connections and opportunities to Service Providers.

Today VSHIP registered users number is getting close to 3,000 and amongst them, successful business matches are made from time to time. We have constantly been collecting customer's opinions to optimize our system performance and develop new features. We believe our new air freight model can bring more benefits and better user experience to our customers.

Simple operation interface for Shippers and Service Providers:


Select "Request for Quote" at the side bar, select "AIR" tab, fill in your Air shipment details and submit your RFQ.

Service Provider

At "All RFQs" page, Air freight RFQs will be marked with "AIR" label. Click to open the RFQ details and fill in your Air freight quotation.