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Kerry Logistics wins Bloomberg award


HONG Kong's Kerry Logistics Network Ltd has received for the third year in a row the Listed Enterprises of the Year (2018) award presented by the Chinese edition of Bloomberg Businessweek in recognition of its excellent performance and contribution.

The award winners are chosen from among enterprises listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, scored in equal measure by the Bloomberg Terminal and an independent panel of judges based on their performance in investor relations, business and financial performance, corporate social responsibility, sustainability, corporate governance, innovation, development strategy and risk management.

Group managing director William Ma said: "We have consistently pursued the highest standards in our corporate governance and compliance performance and will remain committed to building on our advantages in worldwide coverage, flexibility and innovation to achieve sustainability in a socially responsible manner for the long-term benefit of all our stakeholders."

Riding on the enormous trade volume growth in Asia, in addition to leveraging its global network and diversified business portfolio, the company added that it is "well-positioned to maintain sustainable growth and embrace new business opportunities, creating value for its people, customers and shareholders."

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