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Shipping companies must embrace digitalisation: APL chief Nicolas Sartini


PRESENTLY there is no digital disruptor on the horizon that could rattle the very foundations of the container shipping industry unlike other sectors that have had to face the likes of Uber and Air BnB accommodation.

Speaking at the Singapore International Bunkering Conference (Sibcon), APL chief Nicolas Sartini commented on what was keeping shipping senior executives awake at night, reported Colchester's Seatrade Maritime News.

"Is there a digital disruption in the industry? Well not really, our industry is different from the worlds of Air BnB and Uber," he said.

"The success of these two disruptors come from the fact they able to bring and use unused capacity to the market - in the case of Uber private cars and in the case of Air BnB flats. In our industry we indeed have excess capacity in the market but it would not be possible for a digital operator to just unleash new destabilising capacity," Mr Sartini said.

That said, the APL CEO does not believe now is the time for the industry to stick its head in the sand and ignore digitalisation.

"All shipping companies must embrace digitalisation. For a shipping company this can be as simple as being able to offer online container pricing or booking. Digitalisation in the shipping industry is at its infancy stage," he added.

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